Friday, May 04, 2007

Thank You

Thank you to Walker for directing others here to read about parts of my life. A total stranger to all of you.

Thank you to all who posted such lovely, caring comments. It's amazing how words from strangers can brighten your day.

This week has been very trying due to silly things like extra hours at work and kids acting up because they are feeling the touch of spring fever.

My post last week made me really see how much better my life is now and how grateful I am, even for the kids acting up and working longer hours than what I am used to.


Last night our theaters had a midnight showing of Spiderman 3. My husband is so gung ho for any midnight showing, doesn't matter what the movie is, because if they are having a midnight showing the movie is supposed to be awesome and he wants to see it.

I, apparently, am a stick in the mud, because I would rather be asleep at midnight than sitting in a crowded theater to watch a movie. Scott purchased two tickets Wednesday and wasn't about to give them up. He decided to use that night as boy's only night and woke Ethan up at 11:30pm and had him get dressed. Ethan had no idea where they were going, he just knew that his stepdad was taking him out, all by himself.

Scott told me when they got to the mall Ethan kept asking what they were doing. He said the look on Ethan's face was so funny when he handed the movie ticket to Ethan. When Ethan realized what movie they were seeing he started walking like Spidey does. He crouched down and would pose in what he thought was a Spiderman pose. He would crouch for a minute and shoot invisible webs at anything and everything. Ethan did this until they finally got into the theater and found some seats.

Then the excitement wore off for a few minutes. Scott said Ethan was almost asleep when the movie started. As soon as the opening commercials started Ethan was wide awake and didn't drop off again until they were on their way home. Good thing the mall theater is about a 2 minute drive from our house.

I think Ethan got about 3 hours sleep last night but I still sent him to school. He didn't care how tired he was because he spent some time with dad and got to stay up way late and didn't get in trouble for it. In Ethan's eyes, life is absolutely wonderful right now.

It is for me too. Scott can be so hard on Ethan at times, he understands Ethan's disabilities but he feels the more we treat him like a "normal" boy, the better off he'll be as an adult. At least Scott does understand how hard he is on Ethan and tries so hard at times to make up for it.

I'm off to visit a few new people and then I'm off to bed. I get to work another 8 or so hours tomorrow. I'm so used to being off on weekends that getting up early on weekends just SUCKS!

Night all


Angel Without Wings said...

Hi Shannon
It doesn't take a lot to make a child feel special and your husband taking Ethan out, just the two of them, must've made him feel like "King of the World".

Its tiring being a working Mum so go have yourself a nice rest and you'll be refreshed and ready to face another day.

Shaz said...

Thats so kool I love that he was surprised and I can just imagine him crouching and shooting his invisable web. Very precious indeed.

patti_cake said...

I thought I had already commented but let me say again that it is AWESOME that Scott did something so special for Ethan. I love a heart-warming story like this.

Shannon said...

Thanks Patti Cake!

Crazy Computer Dad said...

I never tell my son when we are going to see a movie, I just tell him we are going out and he is always bubbling over with excitement when we pull up to the theater. He read the Eragon books this year, so when Eragon opened, I took him out of school (afternoon on a Friday) to go see it before most other kids. I don't think he stopped talking about it for week. That was awesome of Scott to take Ethan out like that. Thanks for sharing!

Walker said...

Aw you're welcome. It was a great post and I have some good people I know would love your blog.

I think its moments like this that Ethan will remember for ever asnd moreso when the reruns start and he is alone with his kids one day and tehre is a Midnight showing of spiderman 32