Monday, May 07, 2007

The Most Beautiful Words in the World


Even if it is at 6:30 in the morning on a Sunday morning, the only day of the week I get to sleep in!
I was bad though, and went right back to sleep after hearing it because Scott was up and getting ready to go to work so he took Harley potty.

He's woken up dry from naps and from overnight for the past few days! Too exciting! We are doing so well I'm bragging that we are all potty trained in the house, and no one has had an accident in days, even Scott! Good thing everyone knows what big freaks we are!

Work was just a bunch of the same today. A friend/co-worker did ask if I wanted to go see the Male Review at one of the Country Bars here. Her husband told her about it and told her to go. Weird, I know. We decided we'd tell him we are going and then go see a movie, maybe Disturbia or who knows what.

What does that say when two healthy, red blooded females would rather go see a movie than watch a bunch of half naked men dance around? It means we are too tired to care about half naked men dancing around us! :)

T-minus 26 days and counting to my stepson, R, showing up for 2 whole months this year. He arrives June 2nd and stays until at least August 5th. That means Ethan and Emma have a month and a half until the go see their dad and stepmom in Washington.

Last summer R was just an inch taller than me, I am 5'6. Scott talked to R a couple of weeks ago and found out he is now 5'10. This summer will be rough with him so much taller than me.

I'm going to have that permanent MOM look on my face. The one that can scare the younger guys at work! The one that can get my husband sometimes too! You know, every mom has a certain look that will get their children to do what needs to be done without any questions. The MOM look is the best weapon against children today. At least my children. They know when I have THAT look they better jump higher than they've ever jumped before.

It took said MOM look to get Ethan to do the dishes tonight. We have to stand at the sink with him and help but he still does the dishes. He rinses them and sticks them in the dishwasher and for the dishes that don't fit in the dishwasher, he washes them by hands. The whole neighborhood probably thinks we are beating the crap out of him because he cries and screams the whole time but then when he is done he is so proud of himself. It doesn't matter what chore this big bad momma has Ethan do, he cries and screams during any of them. But when he's done he always so proud that he finished it.

He's on a new med and right now I can't remember what it's called but he is so much calmer. We have to wean him off one med as we get him on this other med. It's always so much fun trying to keep all these meds straight. He is better when it comes to teasing. Even a month ago if you were to tease him there would be a full blown melt down. He would scream and cry and the only way to calm him down would be to have him sit on his bed and be alone. Scott thinks the more we treat him like a normal boy the more he will act like a normal boy. Scott just can't get it through his thick Marine skull that this won't work. I've tried to explain, doctors have tried to explain, my mom, Scott's mom, but no one can make him understand. He says he does but he just doesn't.

And now my mom has decided it is time to chat, it doesn't matter that I'm typing furiously on the computer, it's time to chat.

I'm off to chat and put Harley and Vegas to bed. The two older ones are already asleep.

Maybe I can get to sleep before 10pm!



patti_cake said...

Congrats on the potty training. Mine is 2 1/2 and we are working on it. It doesn't help that my MIL claims her three were all trained at 1 year. Yeah right.

Angel Without Wings said...

I've got twins and potty training was very challenging. They both eventually got the idea about the potty but then one of them decided that the potty had to go everywhere with us because she thought the toilet was going to suck her in. We just went along with it until one day she decided by herself that she wanted to go on the big toilet and that was it. I think sometimes the less of a big deal you make of it the sooner they get over it.

Vickie said...

Not being a mother "potty training" is not something I can relate to but I have read and heard many stories and have lived through the many nieces and nephews.
I am enjoying visiting and reading here since Walker since me this way.
You are very blessed.
Have a great week.

Walker said...

Yeah but the MOM look gets cancels by the sad eyes look LMAO!!!

Its good to hear that the whole family is potty trained.
But for the record diapers can be handy waiting in line for tickets sometimes lol.

Personally I don;t care for strip clubs as most of my friends do.
If you can't touch feel and drag them home why bother.

Have a nice day

Shaz said...

Love the big toilet yay yay. All my 4 were done early the longest was 19 months. (more good luck than management. I think the fact that we lived in the tropics and didn't really wear a lot of clothes and we all peed on the grass if we were busting helped.
LMAO that's not a good picture is it sorry.

Just a thought I was wondering if your babe has been allergy tested I don't want to interfere but I had an interesting time with my boy as far as they were concerned and they wanted to put him on a lot of meds at 2. I am not saying it is the same because it doesn't sound it but I do know that it did make a difference as he had autistic tendencies when he had certain NATURAL foods not just sugar and preservatives. Just a thought.
Happy Mothers Day

Walker said...

Stopped by to wish you a Happy Mothers Day :)