Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I am frustrated and apprehensive right now. Scott has been out of a job for almost 3 weeks now and as far as I know he’s applied at just one place. Supposedly they need help but they are leery to hire him. He’s worked there before but quit because he was constantly passed over for promotions and the last time he was passed over for one was the last straw because they gave it to a guy who had pending sexual harassment charges against him and he’d been caught stealing lots of money, they even had the guy on tape, but they still gave this winner the promotion. Scott was loyal to this place for almost 6 years, working overtime on his days off when someone called in sick or just didn’t show up for work, went in early, stayed late, was the go-to guy. If a customer had a question Scott could answer it right away. If a co-worker had a problem or a question they went to Scott. To this day when he goes in to that store to buy auto parts he’s bombarded with questions about parts by the people who work there and know who he is.

They are also afraid to hire him back because the people that worked there before the company was sold are having a hard time adjusting to the new company’s rules. Even though it’s been over a year that they have worked under this new company’s name some of the employees can’t seem to follow the new rules. Scott never had an issue with that. He managed to adapt to the new rules right away.

I finally broke down and told him he needs to just start applying at other places now. I know home depot is hiring in our area and he even picked up an application for the theaters. I told him today to turn in that application and go apply at home depot. We keep getting told that walmart is hiring part time but neither of us want him working there. We’ve hear too many horror stories from ex-employees.

I just need to keep my fingers crossed and breathe. And pray.

And is it selfish of me to want to keep our gym membership? We have worked out all week and problems seem easier to deal with after working out.

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