Monday, February 02, 2009

Pain & Suffering

January was such a busy month. In and out of doctor offices and the ER. Scott broke out in hives the first week of January. They became so bad he got to the point where he could barely breath. So off to the ER at 2am because he wouldn't let me take him to the immediate care center we have just down the road at 7pm. Then 2 nights later he was so out of it and wacky acting that we went back to the ER after checking his blood sugars. He is a diabetic and his meter just read HI. We found out that prednisone messes with anyones blood sugars and this is especially dangerous for a diabetic. Docs finally got that under control and home we went.

I finally complained about the number of headaches and what I thought were sinus infections I've been having so my doctor sent me to an ENT, ear nose & throat doctor. Had a CT scan done of my sinuses and found that my sinuses are "pristine and a perfect textbook example for a class". The ENT said my headaches are vascular migraines, caused by my deviated septum. Apparently the broken part was pressing on my blood vessels and eye socket & causing the pain. SOoooo, I had surgery this past Thursday and had that repaired. My boss got a kick out of telling people I was going to get Marilyn Monroe's nose. I had to convince quite a few people that I wasn't getting a nose job, I was having my nose fixed. There is actually a big difference.

While he was performing the surgery he found some damaged cartilage and bone spurs and the doctor said he removed it all. Scott said the way the doctor described the bone spurs was almost like I had horns growing inside my head. And now my husband is telling people he always knew I was a horny little devil. :)

So, I am at home recovering. Takes 4-6 weeks to recover from this fully from what I understand. I'm not even a week in. But the headaches and pain I have now are no where near the headaches I was having. The pain I have now is in my upper lip and the tip of my nose. I can only open my mouth so far and its so much fun eating right now. Lots of crackers and soup so far.

This is the first time I have felt like looking at a computer in almost a week. And my eyes are already tired and Harley is begging me to put a movie in his DVD player. Horrible as it is, I am going to let him watch a movie right now. He spent all day at preschool and I haven't seen him all day but my head always hurts worse this time of day for some reason. I am going to nap in my chair, can't lay down for 2 more weeks, while he watches a movie and Emma pouts in her room. Who knows why she is pouting. She's almost a teenager and the mood swings are upon us!


Walker said...

At least you got to the bottom of the headacks and you are on the way to getting better you horny little devil you wit Malilyn Monroes nose :)

I'm glad they got Scotts problem fixed to.
Things get complicated when they add up

Walker said...

I hope you have a Happy Valentines day